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Do you speak English or Spanish? At Dr. Gallardo’s office, we speak both! To us, clear communication is everything. From discussing treatment to payment options and health-related matters – the details can easily get lost in translation. 

Patients, doctors, and staff are able to understand and fully express ideas without any confusion. All documentation, such as patient forms, is translated. Rest assured that whether you’re an English or Spanish speaker, we’re here to serve you with the highest care and attention possible. 

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Gallardo Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

At Gallardo Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, our patients achieve superior results through first-class service and state-of-the-art procedures.

To help you better understand what sets Dr. Gallardo apart from the rest, here are ten reasons why you should choose us for your periodontal and implant dentistry needs.

The reasons why you should choose us

Our number one goal is to save your smile. To achieve this, we offer a wide variety of implant and periodontal procedures and services. These include preventative and risk assessments to complex treatments. All procedures such as oral surgerydental implants, and gum disease treatments are conducted using only the most modern procedures known in periodontics and implant dentistry.

One of the primary reasons people do not seek treatment for gum disease or other dental issues is out of the fear of pain and discomfort. We have removed much of the discomfort by offering several lessinvasive procedures. For example, LANAP® is a laser procedure that treats gum disease without use of a scalpel. We also offer The Pinhole Surgical Technique™, which is a cutting-edge procedure that treats gum recession without surgery.

Through our Same-Day procedure, patients can have tooth replacements in one day. Schedule a free

To help identify infections causing bacteria in your gums and mouth, we utilize lab-processed salivary testing and a phase-contrast microscope. These state-of-the-art lab techniques allow us to more effectively diagnose bacteria and aid in prescribing correct treatments.

Pain associated with dental procedures is a primary concern among patients. We strive to ease those concerns by offering The Wand, which is a painless, stress-free alternative to syringes. Sedation dentistry services are also offered including, IV Conscious Sedation, orally administered sedation, and nitrous oxide.

We offer Plasma Rich In Growth Factors or PRGF, which is the latest in bone and tissue regeneration technology. This technique isolates proteins from your blood plasma responsible for tissue regeneration and wound healing. A dose is then applied to the treatment area and jumpstarts the repair process. PRGF results in improved healing and regeneration.

Our office offers a full range of oral surgeries.

When it comes to our patients, safety is our top priority. We ensure that every procedure we undertake is fully safe for our patients. Not only do we have numerous safeguards in place, we only use the safest equipment and most modern technologies to ensure your procedure goes as smooth and safe as possible.

Dr. John Paul Gallardo is considered to be the elite in specialty dental care. Dr. Gallardo earned his specialty degree from the School of Dental Medicine at Boston University. He was also one of four doctors selected to the V.A. Medical Center General Practice Residency Program and received the “Outstanding Resident of the Year” award. Dr. Gallardo is a national expert on gum disease and dental implants and lectures on these topics often to dentists and hygienists.


Our Elite Team

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Complete confidence

Sending your patients to another doctor for care requires a lot of trusts. After all, as their primary care physician or dentist, your patients count on you to protect their health and well-being. So, it’s important that you send them to a specialist that cares about their well-being as much as you do. 

When you choose to refer your patients to Dr. Gallardo for periodontal care, rest assured knowing that we consider ourselves an extension of your practice. In other words, we will consult with you when making any decisions on a patient’s behalf. You can trust that we will keep clear and open communication throughout the entire process of care for the patient.  

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When referring your patients to us

Our job is to reinforce your patients’ current treatment plan that you recommend. We will never provide a treatment that hasn’t been given your stamp of approval first.

When you refer a patient, we’re an extension of your practice and we strive to provide the best experience possible. Your patients should enjoy the same high level of service they would receive when they pay you a visit.

We focus 100% of our attention on gum therapy and implants. It’s what we do best! Our office is fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment to carry out these delicate procedures. We’ll handle the periodontal therapy your patients need to stay healthy and happy.

Many of our patients come to us after reading positive reviews from other customers. Others are referred by their own friends and family. We pride ourselves on providing the high level of service that patients can’t wait to share their positive experiences with others. Be sure to check out our reviews for yourself to see what we mean!

We’re always just a phone call away! If you need a step by step update on your patient, our friendly, helpful office staff makes the process easy and hassle-free.

We appreciate your referral and understand that this is a partnership! We are strong believers in specialized care and love to refer patients out as well. If you have questions or would like more information on becoming a referral partner, call us at 305-547-8687.